Harnessing infrastructure, property and urban development opportunities in Australia’s leading regional economy

The Hunter’s economy is booming –and outperforming other parts of NSW and Australia in growth, confidence and investment. With the region entering a new and exciting phase of economic diversification, it is essential for both government and businesses to understand how to plan and prepare for the region’s future growth.

The latest addition to Aventedge’s INFRACON series, Developing the Hunter & Central Coast is a premier two-day conference bringing together government and private sector to identify and harness infrastructure, property, urban development and investment opportunities in Australia’s leading region. The event will showcase current and future development priorities driving growth in the region and shed light on how government and businesses can enhance collaboration and leverage innovation to achieve sustainable economic development.

Hear what past delegates have to say…

“Listening to the successes of others in different areas of Australia or the world reminds us to seek assistance from others rather than trying to figure out the problem alone.”

Senior Domain Architect, Transport for NSW on Australian Smart Cities and Infrastructure

“An excellent investment of time in better understanding the concept of smart cities and identifying ways to improve service delivery to the community.”

General Manager, Tamworth Regional Council on Australian Smart Cities and Infrastructure

“An interesting event on some critical issues across the country and a great chance to network with a range of interested parties.”

Senior Strategy Advisor, Environment Canterbury on New Zealand Transport and Infrastructure


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Hear from government leaders, planning experts, developers, and industry professionals as they address development issues, explore opportunities for growth, identify potential challenges and set the scene for the future of Australia’s largest regional economy. 

  • Keep up-to-speed on the latest policies and plans on urban planning, real estate, infrastructure and economic growth in the region
  • Leverage first-hand insights on current and future development priorities: assess status, forecast growth, discuss lessons learnt and strategies to overcome challenges


Delegates from private industries, government, and associations involved in or have an interest in infrastructure, property, urban development and investment in the Hunter and Central Coast 

  • Federal and State government 
  • Local government and councils  
  • Managing Directors and C-Level Executives 
  • Heads, GMs and Senior Managers 
  • Corporate Services

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